At Blue Sky Health, we look at health from a new and clear perspective. We are not shackled by pre-conceived ideas and out of date notions regarding health. I am an engineer by trade and so have not been brainwashed like so many in the medical community. They have been taught that to treat an illness you have to go through a series of steps, with prescribing drugs being predominately the ultimate goal. It does appear that the main aim of the traditional medical community is to keep you on drugs for the rest of your life.

Like most people, I was let down by the medical system and looked on line for help. I found multiple websites offering all kinds of solutions. It takes an awful lot of reading and researching to find real, useful advice. After years of searching through countless misinformed articles, I realised through testing and more researching that most of the advice is wrong and some dangerous. It came down to the realisation that the early pioneers of alternative research such as Ray Peat, and Weston A Price offer the most valid advice.